I recently graduated and I have no grad photos or deep thoughts to share on social media, but I still wanted to pause and remember. It feels like nothing’s changed because my Facebook feed is still filled with posts from UC Berkeley groups. My friends are still attending. It’s been 9 months since I’ve lived in Berkeley, and I was only on campus for 2.75 years, but it’s enough for me to feel immense gratitude to have experienced it at all.

I miss the day-to-day, the small moments. They are so bright and clear in my memory, and I almost thought they would last forever.

I’ll visit when it is safe, but for now, here are some nostalgic memories.

  • Stepping outside of my warm, string light-lit apartment to do my laundry or take out the trash in the cool air
  • Plopping on our couch after a long day of classes, rehearsals, and work
  • Eating snacks with my housemates and chatting about our day
  • Getting strawberry milk tea boba from Gong Cha and studying in the study spaces on campus
  • Walking past grandiose buildings on campus every day, each one with its own character, the campus like a mismatched puzzle of different aesthetics
  • The soft rain and the way it settled in glittery, misty droplets on my glasses
  • The one time I forgot an umbrella after watching a good play on campus and decided to walk home, singing in the rain
  • Going grocery shopping with my housemate, making food together
  • Walking around campus at nighttime, on my way to the Morrison Hall practice rooms
  • Reading a dark comedy play in an armchair facing the window inside the Music Library while it was rainy and windy outside
  • Eating meals or having a coffee inside the student union while coding
  • Taking a nap on a bench outside of Hertz Hall before University Chorus rehearsal, the warm sun and light breeze making me feel the calmest I’d felt in weeks
  • The BART ride to SF, the view of Oakland outside during sunset
  • Arriving at Durham Studio Theater and seeing the set all on stage, each addition a new, exciting piece
  • The way the campus filled with people at every hour as the Sather Tower bells rang, the people moving like ants in lines down each pathway at the Memorial Glade
  • Catching the night shuttle bus back home
  • The walk home, especially when I had nothing else planned for the rest of the day
  • Being inside Hertz Hall
  • Working out in the RSF, having that dedicated time and space for exercise
  • Taking the bus to Target
  • Playing frisbee on Memorial Glade
  • Eating spicy tofu soup at Korean restaurants by campus
  • A hot shower with our shower that was really hot at its highest setting, but so satisfying after being out in the cold rain all day during the winter months
  • Saying hello to people I knew on campus. People I liked but would not have gone out of my way to connect with had they not crossed with my path that day. They made me happy too.
  • Being with the people I love, in good conversation and hugs

There’s so much I couldn’t have known or guessed as a senior in high school applying to colleges, so much I didn’t know would happen when I was just a freshman starting out, and still so much I couldn’t have anticipated a year ago. I’m grateful I got these moments and more.